Jeff Limon & Jacob Baas

Silk & Natl Geographic


The Colorado River was disappearing at an alarming rate. To draw attention to this, we partnered with Silk, National Geographic, and UNIT9 to create Reunite the River.

Reunite the River was an interactive experience inviting people to turn their social networks into river networks with the real-world goal of reuniting the Colorado with the Gulf of California. 


Throughout the site users were given the opportunity to pledge to save the Colorado. When a pledge was made, a new “bend” was added to the river and a profile image attached to that section to signify their contribution. Visitors could share their spot on the River and recruit friends to join them, expanding their river network.


But it wasn’t just the digital river that kept growing. Every online pledge was matched by adding 1,000 gallons of water back into the Colorado.


Reasons To Reunite

Sprinkled throughout the site were Reasons to Reunite, interesting facts and figures that generated awareness and explained how life along the Colorado was being affected by the drought.


We kicked off the experience with an animated video that helped educate people about water consumption and how it affects the natural world around us.


It worked! To date, Reunite the River has been responsible for 2.3 million gallons of water being pumped back into the Colorado River. And last year the Colorado officially rejoined the Sea of Cortez.