Jeff Limon & Jacob Baas

Got Milk?


Find your happy place

Milk is synonymous with a child-like comfort. In this campaign for Milk we reminded consumers that things are easier when you've got blindly optimistic puppets to talk you through it.

Designed to be reminiscent of classic children’s shows, our trio of puppets became the faces of an integrated campaign that included television, a video game, toys, cards, interactive transit shelters, and a website.


Interactive transit shelters were built where you could plug in to our Comfort Line to get your daily dose of unbridled puppet optimism on your way to and from work.


On the campaign site visitors could listen to daily puppet advice, have their profile photo knit by a puppet, or send over 35 different comforting e-cards. They could also go up against tormented pinatas and beardless wizards in the friendliest fighting game ever. 


We worked with a local puppet theatre Théâtre de la Dame de Coeur in the design and construction of the three puppets.