Jeff Limon & Jacob Baas

Juniper Networks


Securing the data center

Enterprise CIO’s face a daily battle to keep data centers secure from nefarious hackers. We tapped into this insight and recruited their primary audience to take part in a gaming experience where the future of the data center was truly in their hands. We crafted a branding campaign with a mix of social, traditional, and transmedia storytelling to bring the Deception Force to life. 


Visitors could watch the trailer, download the iOS or Android game, and check out their leaderboard ranking. They could also tweet out their best #deceptionforcewins and have them brought to life by acclaimed graphic novelist Kristian Donaldson.


We created an extensive recruiting effort for the Deception Force, leveraging Juniper’s most robust and active social media community—Linkedin. Job postings and recruiting videos on the Juniper LinkedIn page led players to a training website where they were evaluated and assigned a rank.