Jeff Limon & Jacob Baas

City Target

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Target was launching four new City Target stores in Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. It was their first appearance in these communities and they needed to earn the local love. So we created City Smart, a social and experiential campaign celebrating the new stores from a unique, insider POV.



Twitter was the social hub. We established a new local feed for each city, giving Target a voice in the community. We cast influencers in each city and made them game show hosts, choosing people from different backgrounds to give the campaign depth and originality.  Each week our local influencers invited fans and followers to play by tuning in to the local City Target Twitter handle and show off their city smarts.


We worked closely with influencers and artist to create hundreds of unique illustrations and questions. City Smart was the first live game show on Twitter. It was also the largest game show to ever be hosted on this social channel.