Jeff Limon & Jacob Baas



The Ascii Arcade

Braintree needed to raise awareness with their primary target — developers. Problem is, devs are notoriously tough to reach through advertising. So we worked with our friends at UNIT9 to create an original gaming experience in the one place we were sure to find our target — the source code of popular tech sites.

download (1).jpeg

The ASCII Arcade invited devs to flip up the source code on a site, cut and paste a digital "token" in the browser url window, and play one of four old school ASCII Arcade games with a tech twist: Deployer, Algarithmoids, Incubator Invaders, and SDK Knockout. 


At the end of the experience, players could share their scores via social media. As a result, some fans found out about the Braintree games on Facebook or Twitter, while others found it directly through the source code of the site.